Azerbaijan imported Turkmen gas for $63 million in 8 months


Declared gas imports to Azerbaijan in January-August 2022 amounted to 561 million 897.29 thousand cubic meters of gas, which is 33.1% higher than the same period in 2021, a special bulletin of the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan.

The cost of gas imported to Azerbaijan in January-August 2022 amounted to $62 million 803.47 thousand (an increase of 3.9 times); the talk is about volumes issued by the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan.

In the structure of gas imports to Azerbaijan in the reporting period, 88.2% fell on supplies from Turkmenistan – 495 million 806.13 thousand cubic meters in the amount of $60 million 294.95 thousand. Import from Iran amounted to 66 million 91.19 thousand cubic meters for $2 million 508.56 thousand.

In January-August 2021, gas was imported to Azerbaijan only from Iran.

In 2021, declared gas imports to Azerbaijan amounted to 510 million 564.9 thousand cubic meters of gas (an increase of 3.8 times) for $19 million 385.42 thousand (an increase of 3.8 times). All imports also came from Iran.

As previously reported, since January 2022, Iran has begun transporting gas received from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan in accordance with a trilateral swap agreement. In general, the agreement provides for the supply to Azerbaijan through Iran of up to 1.5-2 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas per year. In early June 2022, Azerbaijani Economy Minister Mikayil Jabbarov and Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oudji signed a memorandum of understanding in Baku, according to which gas supplies from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan through Iran will double.

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