Socar Downstream is looking for an OT Lead Engineer




The purpose of this position; To perform the analysis, design, commissioning and implementation processes of the Production Operations Management Software needs in an integrated structure and in accordance with the standards. It performs business processes and data integration within the framework of the needs of the business units, ensures the establishment and commissioning of solutions, is responsible for the management of related projects and their timely commissioning. ISA-95 implements business processes in the MOM layer and related technical solutions with the most affordable cost within the company’s needs.


Developing the highest quality products and/or services within the framework of Operations needs or ensuring that supplier companies develop them by using Software Engineering techniques

To carry out analysis, technical design, coding studies in accordance with the standards of the institution or to ensure the development of the supplier companies

Designing, commissioning and monitoring the life cycle of Operation Technologies system and process integrations. Analyzing and documenting the integration platform interface requirements, enabling and developing the relevant interfaces

To ensure that new requests are centrally managed and put into use. In this context, to carry out all end-to-end processes such as preparing the scope document of the relevant projects, completing the procurement and contract processes, project management, commissioning and service.

To lead the team, to be responsible for its development

Ensuring the development of reports, which will consist of the consolidation of the data in the relevant systems and needed by the users of the main business lines of the refinery. Manage the process and ensure that it is updated when necessary. In this framework, analyzing the SSRS and related report processes, determining the needs, and managing the commissioning and activation processes of the reports in line with the demands of the Business Unit.

To determine Operation Technologies system integration standards, to ensure that the interfaces are implemented within the framework of these standards

Making analysis of Operation Technologies BI/BO interfaces, planning, managing and implementing commissioning processes

To prepare the technical specifications of the Operational Technologies processes within the scope of her responsibility, to define the requirements, to follow them and to ensure that they are put into use correctly.

To manage the life cycle of the systems within the area of ​​responsibility, to determine the requirements and implement these requirements

Creating and standardizing unit test scenarios for the developments to be made within the framework of the business unit, Ensuring that the user guides related to the developments made are created in a standard way

To carry out support, business development and improvement activities, to manage the life cycle, to create and direct actions of the applications within the scope of responsibility.

To ensure that the relevant new software projects and related integration processes are carried out by the suppliers and/or their team when necessary, within the scope of their responsibility.

Analyzing the demands from the business units in accordance with the standards, searching for appropriate solutions, evaluating possible solutions, creating analysis and need documents, checking the technical definition documents for the development to be made, ensuring their preparation and reporting

To ensure that the procedures related to the area he/she is responsible for are established within the framework of the relevant standards, to document them and to update them when necessary.

To ensure that the supplier carries out the software development and integration processes according to the expectations and needs determined within the framework of the Operations needs and to manage these processes

Performing the management of database systems within the scope of responsibility, ensuring their standardization

To act in accordance with the company’s policies, mission, vision, corporate values, legal and other requirements, as well as company ethical rules, policies, procedures, instructions, strategies and objectives; Informing the relevant units in case of any discrepancies observed within the company on these issues

To report regularly and effectively to the person in the position he/she is affiliated with on the works falling under his jurisdiction.

To act in accordance with the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Culture, to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety, to notify the person in the senior position and the authorized personnel on OHS when a nonconformity is detected.

Microsoft SSRS (Advanced)5
BizTalk Integration Platform3
Microsoft SharePoint4
BI/BO Systems4
SQL Query (Advanced)5
Business Analysis / Requirement Analysis5
Operations Business Processes Experience3
Knowledge of software processes4
Database Administration5
Process Control and Automation3
Yazılım Mühendisliği Metodolojileri5
Web Service Development5
C#, .NET Development Technologies5

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