Expro Group are currently recruiting for a Senior Subsea Operator


Position: Senior Subsea Operator

Please note at this time applications will only be considered for citizens who are eligible to work in Azerbaijan.

 Key Activities and Accountabilities

  • Conduct our business in a manner that prevents harm to people and the environment as a result of our operations
  • Successful tool runs allowing Client to complete operations safely with minimum ‘down time’.
  • Equipment to be fit for purpose.  This is essential for the success of operations.
  • Subordinates given concise instruction and meaningful tuition allowing them to develop skills and become a useful team player.
  • Accurate completion of Client Service Records to allow correct recharges to be set against Client.
  • Meaningful and constructive appraisals to be made for subordinates to allow assessments to be carried out.
  • To broaden scope of knowledge to become a more flexible member of the team (through competence system).
  • Conduct competence assessments to allow subordinates to progress.
  • To be able to conduct subsea operations unsupervised.
  • Assist other Expro services as and when appropriate.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Good Knowledge of Basic Tools and Procedures with Regard to Function, Testing, Troubleshooting and Safe Practices           
  • Good Communication Skills                                                                                    
  • Self Motivated/Disciplined                                                                                      
  • Hard Working and Tenacious                                                                     
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure for Long Hours

Previous experience of working with Subsea tools in an operational offshore environment.

Please send your CVs to [email protected]