Directions of activities of new State Maritime and Port Agency detailed


President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree today, defining 13 areas of activities of the State Maritime and Port Agency, established on the basis of the State Maritime Agency, Report informs, citing the agency’s charter.

According to the information, the new agency will operate in the following areas:

– to participate in the formation and implementation of state policy in the relevant field;

– to ensure the development of the relevant field;

– to cooperate with the relevant state bodies (institutions) in the relevant field, to participate in the development and implementation of proposals;

– to take necessary measures to control the observance of normative legal acts and international agreements to which the country is a party in the relevant field;

– to take necessary measures to organize the safety system of seafaring in the territorial waters of the country, as well as in the port waters and to ensure its operation;

– to take measures to exercise port control in the territory of the country and flag control in respect of ships sailing under the State Flag;

– to exercise state control over the country’s seaports and take measures to ensure discipline in the port;

– to take measures to stimulate the competitive activities of the country’s seaports and optimize their activity;

– to take measures related to the safety of seafaring, protection of human life and health at sea, protection of the marine environment;

– to take measures for the installation of maritime navigation equipment and facilities in the country, as well as their maintenance;

– to provide services related to the safety of seafaring (navigation and beacon, guide, canal, anchor and ship assembly) in accordance with the law “On Seaports”;

– to take appropriate measures to improve activities in the relevant field, as well as to improve the quality of services provided, to support innovative ideas and projects;

– to act in other directions defined by this Charter.

The authorized fund of the agency is AZN6,228,052.