Eni-BCG-Google Team Up for New Digital Platfom


Eni, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud have announced that they are building a new open digital platform supporting sustainability in the industrial supply chain.

The idea stems from the common interest of the three companies to support a path of energy transition and sustainability in the industrial sectors, Eni noted in a statement posted on its website.

The platform, dubbed Open-es, will start in the energy world and will progressively extend to all industrial sectors, according to Eni. It will allow all players in the energy sector, throughout the value chain, to share their experiences in sustainability, growth plans and information in compliance with the existing regulations, Eni noted.

Open-es will be free and independent, with initial development powered by Eni. Every participating company will be able to interact on the platform both as a supplier and as a customer, depending on the role they play in the industrial chain.

“Each of the partners will bring its unique expertise to help develop a collaborative and non- competitive culture to establish better understanding and best practice sharing around sustainability throughout the industrial chain,” Eni said in the statement on its website.

“Eni will contribute its industrial skills, the quality of its supply chain and its strategic commitment to a fair and sustainable energy transition. BCG will bring its strategic angle on ESG objectives, a valuation and growth model and the value proposition for the platform. Google Cloud will contribute its excellent competency in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence,” Eni added.

On its website, Eni states that it is changing direction to become a leader in the production and sale of decarbonized products. The new Eni will be increasingly sustainable, with demanding targets for 2035 and 2050, according its site.