International Company is Looking for a General Field Specialist


Position: General Field Specialist

Minimum 5-6 years related field experience.  Min 5 years in Field Service, Operational or engineering roles.  Completed Competency training

 Relevant field experience.


Perform WS jobs with assigned Well Services equipment safely and efficiently. Provides Service Delivery with flawless Service Quality and no HSE incidents in accordance with company policies, standards and procedures. Develops and progresses through the WS SCDP (if he/she desires to) and be able to move to GFS based on individual performance and business requirements

•             Complies with all Company & Regulatory HS&E & Quality and IT standards and policies. Wears all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required & maintains required HS&E & SQ certifications up-to-date.

Ensures that the correct People, Equipment and materials arrive on time on location, and are rigged up, tested and ready to perform the job, as requested by client, with no deviations from KSQR and contingency plans in place. Ensures

•             pre job meetings are held with WS Personnel, Client and third party personnel

•             Verifies upon arrival on location materials and equipment as per load-out documentation and matches with client approved design program.

•             Executes successful jobs as per the design provided and approved by the Client. Recognizes risks associated with the operation, and reduces these risks to as low as reasonably possible. Identifies any potential unplanned changes to the job program at the well site, and initiates the district’s Management of Change procedure(s). Ensures that all Well Services employees and contractors at the work site are in compliance with WS Safety Standards and other, relevant standards. Ensures that all personnel assigned are competent to drive and/or operate their assigned equipment. Is accountable for the Service Delivery process to the client

•             Completes all the required pre and post job paper work and job tickets on time and without errors as per company policies.

•             Operates and maintains the assigned equipment Standalone while learning to operate and maintain additional equipment.

•             Performs preventive maintenance on WS equipment as per WS Standard 03 and as directed. Ensures unit/s is/are in safe, clean and proper working condition for the next service job.

•             Completes all the required learning objects and courses as defined in the current SCDP.

•             Participates in the District HS&E & Quality initiatives and programs (eg. SOIM’s, Risk Assessments, Quality Improvements, Emergency Response Plan, HSE and SQ Objectives, LPT and SQC)

•             Performs Risk Analysis (eg. HARC, JSA) before each job or task and identifies & addresses potential safety hazards. Corrects and report hazards immediately in QUEST or to Supervisor.

•             Develops Technical knowledge in design and evaluation working closely with the mentor

•             Works with mentor and prepares Grade 11 project to present to GeoMarket

•             Interfaces with the Client on location and promotes company image, services and products. Identifies Sales opportunities and reports this to the Cell Leader / FSM

•  Helps the location in training of less experienced employees
All other duties as assigned by Supervisor


Analytical work. Offshore work experience. Working in an extreme condition. Management skills.     

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail’s title.