The ferry ship “Barda” was repaired


The repair of the ferry ship “Barda” , owned by the Transportation Fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) , has been completed at the “Zigh” ship repair and construction yard.

Welding of the hull, pipe-laying and electrical works, repair of the boiler and watertight doors were carried out. In addition, the mechanical and electrical parts of deck cranes and locomotives have been adjusted.
The surface of the ferry and the wagon deck were cleaned and painted twice. The upholstery of sofas and armchairs were also repaired and replaced.

After successfully completing sea trials, the ferry was put into operation.
It should be noted that, the “Barda” ferry has length of 154.50 meters, width – 17.0 meters, and has a maximum speed of 13.9 knots. The ferry has a capacity of 54 wagons.