Arab Coalition issues 24 permits for ships to enter Yemeni ports


The Arab Coalition supporting the legitimate Yemeni government announced that it has issued 24 permits for ships headed to Yemeni ports on Wednesday, Trend reports referring to Al Arabiya.

The coalition said that those ships are carrying oil derivatives and foodstuffs.

Their statement added that they also issued 35 air permits, four land permits, and 169 permits for the protection of convoys.

The total number of permits reached 232 within four days.

They stated that one ship has been waiting to enter Hodeidah’s port for the past five days.

Meanwhile, the coalition said it struck a Houthi air base next to Sanaa’s international airport earlier on Wednesday, destroying a rocket launcher and a drone that was preparing to carry out an attack.

The coalition said that the targeting was consistent with international humanitarian law and its customary rules, especially that all preventive measures had been taken.