Netherlands attaches importance to SGC: envoy


The Netherlands attaches importance to construction of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC), said the Dutch Ambassador to Azerbaijan Onno Kervers.

The ambassador made the remarks during his meeting with a delegation led by President of the Caspian Energy International Media Group Natalya Aliyeva.

“The Nether­lands attaches importance to construction of the SGC [Southern Gas Corridor], although it is not a direct beneficiary of it. But it bears im­portance in a political and strategic sense because it means that Europe – and the Netherlands as part of it – diversify their energy sources,” Kervers noted.

Issues concerning the participation of Dutch companies in the Caspian Energy Forum 2017, to be held in Baku on April 12, were discussed during the meeting.

The ambassador stressed the importance of economic reforms implemented in the country and the significance of participation of European investors in diversification of economy and regional projects of Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan and the Netherlands have established a broad economic, trade and investment cooperation. Considering different interna­tional initiatives and the location of Azerbaijan, the Baku International Sea Trade Port is an interesting venture,” said Kervers. “We have the North-South Transport Corridor planned from Saint-Petersburg to Mumbai and if we look at the map the route will also cross this region. Thus, development and improvement of the infrastructure, as well as a free trade zone on the Cas­pian Sea can certainly help in this respect. And of course, in addition to the North-South route, there is also an East-West route, a new Silk Way, or as our Chinese friends call it ‘One Belt One Route’. It provides broad opportunities.”

Kervers said adoption of the Road Map in December 2016 and the plans to di­versify the economy of Azerbaijan very well combine with what the Netherlands aspires to achieve in its cooperation with Azerbaijan, because the first priority is agriculture where the two countries have set contacts for deeper cooperation.

This also involves the use of Dutch technology and know-how cooperation with Dutch companies, he said.

“All efforts are being focused on achievement of these goals,” added Kervers.