“Zıgh” dry cargo port expands its operations


“Zigh” dry cargo port of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company leads its activities in accordance with international standards. Currently, the port area of 6 hectares is fully landscaped, the territories and bridges are concreted, lifting structures – cranes and forklift trucks are renewed. All these works are aimed to increase the cargo turnover of the port.

Following the completion of renovation of the premises the cargo handling company will also play the role of a logistics center.

The main advantage of “Zigh” dry cargo port, which is located on the western coast of the Caspian Sea and has 7 transitional bridges, is the location of the port closer to the center. Running of the railway line closer to the bridge, influences significant increasing the efficiency of the port. These conditions facilitate the loading of cargo off the wagons on board of the vessel or out of vessels into wagons. Trucks, deck cargo, also containers, piles, pallet cargo are taken in and depart from the port. And the organization of the customs and borders pass checkpoints in the territory of the freight companies, is important in terms of simplifying the services rendered to customers.

Special attention in dry cargo port “Zigh” is also paid to labor safety issues. The safety rules in the company are completely given in accordance with the advanced international standards. All these advantages increase the need for a port. Measures aimed to expand existing opportunities will contribute to the opening of new jobs.

It should be noted that the territory mentioned above formerly was known as the section of the 57th, the bridge of the Marine Transport Fleet. The status of the port to the freight company was granted by the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan in April last year.