Caspian Drilling Company is looking for a Maintenance Supervisor

JOB TITLE:Maintenance Supervisor
  RESPONSIBILITY  Follows and implements all CDC Procedures and Standards as stipulated in CDC Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) without deviations.Management, of the maintenance, repair and operation of all mechanical and electrical equipment on board the unit. He has to maintain documentation in compliance with regulatory and Company requirements. Responsible for the preventative maintenance system on board. He shall advise the O.I.M. on all engineering, maintenance and repair matters. Operate in such a manner as to effect safe and efficient performance by achieving the goals set forth under “Essential Functions”.
    DUTIES:      Manages the maintenance department in accordance with established, safe marine engineering practices such as those applicable portions contained in the Caspian Drilling Company Procedures Manuals.Operates in such a manner, which results in achieving or helping to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives in these area’s Safety, Environment Customer Satisfaction, Operational Effectiveness Cost Control , Manpower Turnover , Housekeeping and appearance.Observe all Flag State, Classification Society and local authority rules and regulations pertaining to area of responsibility.Requests, through O.I.M., needed supplies and parts to maintain adequate inventory in area of responsibility.Completes, submits and maintains Company required paper work such as, RMS, Engine room logs. Weekly safety meetings.Liaise with the Mate / Stability Technician regarding the quantities of expendables such as fuel, potable water and drill water. Ensures that replenishments are ordered in advance to ensure that no short fall occurs.supervise maintenance crews, Maintain good working relationships with O.I.M., department heads and crew.Remains knowledgeable and utilizes the data, procedures and instructions contained in the unit’s operating manual.Review all operational and technical bulletins and implement all directives for area of responsibility.Assist O.I.M. in any accident, or near miss incident, investigationsEliminate any waste and establish a cost conscious planning effort within area of responsibility.Ensures that all documentation pertaining to the maintenance department, including construction and equipment drawings, is maintained and updated, as required, to reflect current status and conditions.Ensures that overboard discharges are monitored and controlled using the oily water separator.Ensures that all transfers are recorded accurately in the Oil Record Book.Ensures that power is available to the mooring winches. Frequent checks on the watertight integrity of the unit in his areas of responsibility. All watertight doors to remain dogged shut. Opened only to allow egress and exit only.Ensures that the work sites in his areas of responsibility are kept in a clean and orderly manner, free of hazards.Conduct, Participate in Safety ,operational, pre task meetings.Complete, as directed, any required paperwork.Must be knowledgeable regarding various functions of other rig departments and shore base operations.Must represent the Company in a professional manner both on and off the job to include confidentiality of Company and Client business.
QUALIFICATIONS/ EXPERIENCE:The Company typically promotes Senior Mechanic and/or senior Electrician to this position. New hires will preferably possess current experience as Maintenance Supervisor on offshore drilling or other marine industry operations.Successfully Pass the Competency assessment required for his position before (promoted) or during the probation period (newly hired).Successfully demonstrate physical ability to perform essential job functions.( pass pre-placement physical examination, pass all stages of Company procedure of Drug Abuse).Possesses a Chief Engineer or equivalent Certificate of Competence.  

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