Caspian Drilling Company is looking for a Senior Subsea Engineer

JOB TITLE:Senior Subsea Engineer
  RESPONSIBILITY:  Follows and implements all CDC Procedures and Standards as stipulated in CDC Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) without deviations.Responsible for assisting in the proper maintenance, monitoring and operation of the Subsea systems equipment.  
    DUTIES:      Assisting with Subsea systems equipment maintenance such that operation plan goals are met for mechanical downtime and repair and maintenance.Proper maintenance of equipment in accordance with the Company’s preventive maintenance program. in a Timely manner.Request, through supervisor, needed supplies and parts to maintain adequate inventory in area of responsibility.Assist with documenting work performed on equipment in area of responsibility and record equipment condition daily.Ensure that no welding is done on Subsea equipment.Review all operational and technical bulletins and implement all directives as directed.Perform or assist in the performance of tasks or projects as may be assigned by supervisor.Maintain a good working relationship with supervisor and other members of the rig crew.Assist with the maintaining of the operational integrity of All Subsea systems, Riser and guideline tensioners and control panel Motion compensator.Properly executes, emergency assignment in accordance with station bill.Assisting in relative motion of equipment and systems as assigned. Advises Supervisor before final limits are reached.Assist with shut in and hang off procedures as directed.Participate in safety \ operational meetings.Complete, as directed, any required paperwork.Must represent the Company in a professional manner both on and off the job to include confidentiality of Company and Client business.  
            QUALIFICATIONS/ EXPERIENCE:      New hires will preferably possess an engineering qualification pertaining to the Company’s needs.Pass the Competency assessment required for    this position before (promoted) or during the probation period (newly hired).Successfully demonstrate physical ability to perform essential job functions.( pass pre-placement physical examination).and pass the company drug screening test.Must be able to comply with Company rules Must successfully satisfy all applicable international regulatory body and client training certification and/or marine license/document requirements.                                                                  

Contact E-mail: [email protected]