CMS participates in international projects by providing offshore support vessels to the oil and gas campaigns of the Caspian littoral states.


Starting from November 2022, as per the agreement with relevant companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the CMS-operated vessels had been involved in the “Jenis” project. With CMS’s anchor-handling and tug-supply vessels “Islay” and “Jura”, the “Dede Gorgud” drilling rig was delivered from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan and the rig anchors were arranged. The platform supply ships “Savalan”, “Jabrayil”, “Guba” and “Shahdag”were involved in technical supply/provision of the Rig as well as transportation of personnel from Aktau to the Rig and back.

Despite the severe weather conditions, our vessels duly fulfilled assigned duties and completed the project operations safely, successfully and on time.