Türkiye to increase fee for passage of ships through Bosporus, Dardanelles


From July 1, Türkiye will increase the fee for the passage of merchant ships through the Bosporus and Dardanelles by 8.3%, Report informs via Turkish newspaper Aydinlik.

“In accordance with the Montreux Convention regarding the Regime of the Straits, the base value of gold francs in the coefficients of taxes and fees (lighthouse, demolition and sanitary inspection) applied to ships passing through the Turkish straits without calling is set at $4.42 (an increase of 8.3% , for the net tonnage of a merchant ship) from 1 July 2023,” the newspaper wrote, referring to the decision of the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs under the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Türkiye.

Türkiye’s income from ships crossing the straits will reach $900 million in 2023.