International Company is looking for a Senior Field Engineer


Position: Senior Field Engineer

Minimum 2 years related field experience.  At least 2 years in equivalent or level down management role.

 Degree qualified/ Technical or engineering degree, followed by Company’s Wireline tools course graduation.     

Senior Field Engineer:

Senior Field Engineer is responsible for maintaining safe, efficient, and reliable Wireline services to Customers. The SFE identifies opportunities to improve service delivery, implements standard work, and manage, risk during Wireline service delivery.

Candidate’s direct responsabilities under recently added work scope is to perform Wireline production logging technology deployment utilizing coil and tractor conveyance. This is new type of operation under SLB-bp contract aimed towards increasing ACG field production to cope with harsh decline in the ACG crude oil production.

Competency in running  Wireline technologies on Coil conveyance

Competency in running  Wireline technologies on Tractor conveyance

Competency in  production logging platform (multiple services based on customer and well needs).

Other Core Wireline Engineer responsabilities:

Design, Prepare, Execute and Close Wireline jobs

Manage Wireline crew assigned to the engineer’s cell

Manage Equipment and Tools assigned to the engieer’s cell

Perform technical service, modifications, manage technical alerts for tools assisgned to engineer’s cell.

Ensure company and regulatory standard compliance by implementing the Compliance Assessment Tool (CAT),  self-assessments and proactive reporting.

Mentor junior field engineers assigned to the engineer’s cell

Maintain competency profile at minimum required level for job executions.

Desirable Skills:

Competency in production logging, tractoring and telescoping MAST units

Company’s  Wireline team is awarded for a new scope in BP ACG project. Scope includes provision of production logging services utilizing telescoping MAST (crane) unit. Schlumberger has hired local personnel to cope with the new scope of work. However, newly hired local employees are lacking job specific competencies at the moment. Experienced field engineer is required to cover ongoing activity and training existing pool of local engineers.   

Interested candidates shall e-mail their CVs’ to [email protected] with name of position in e-mail title.