A diesel tanker from a former Russian ship was not allowed into the Spanish port


The Magellan diesel tanker, according to the Spanish Ministry of Transport, received its cargo by transshipment from the Nobel vessel, which sailed under the Russian flag until July last year

The port of Tarragona in eastern Spain has been banned from entering the Maersk Magellan ship carrying diesel, according to the website of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Development (MITMA).

“The Tarragona Maritime Command of the Directorate General of the Merchant Marine under the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Development has banned the entry into the port of Tarragona to unload diesel fuel on the Singapore-flagged vessel Maersk Magellan because the cargo it is carrying originates from the Cameroonian-flagged vessel Nobel, which Until July 1, 2022, it sailed under the Russian flag,” the message says.

The transported cargo – diesel fuel – came to Magellan from the tanker Elephant by transshipment near the Strait of Gibraltar, the ministry says. The Elephant received the cargo from the Nobel ship, according to the certificate of origin.

MITMA explained that the decision not to allow the tanker was made in accordance with the EU regulation, which prohibits ships registered under the Russian flag after April 16 last year or that changed the flag from the Russian one after February 24, 2022, from entering ports. According to the ministry, Magellan can be used in actions aimed at circumventing restrictions imposed by the EU.

The Maersk Magellan tanker belongs to Singapore’s Maersk Tankers Singapore, according to data from the Baltic Shipping portal. Previously, the ship was called Gan-Trophy. Novorossiysk is indicated as the port of registry for the Nobel tanker, according to the MarineTraffic portal.

RBC sent a request to Maersk Tankers.

source: https://www.rbc.ru/politics/11/02/2023/63e7a0309a79477ca5cad24c