TECNICAS REUNIDAS is looking for a Handover Manager


Work Position: Handover Manager

Job Description

  • Supervise the preparation of the database of Handover software (HCS), for tracking the necessary documentation during the handover process.
  • Define the indexes of the Turnover Dossiers.
  • Collaborate with the Commissioning Manager in the project systematization.
  • Collaborate on the creation of control formats for Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning.
  • Reporting to the Site Manager. He must fulfill safety, health and environmental requirements jointly with quality requirements, schedule and costs for the project.
  • Coordinate on site staff in charge, focusing on the achievement of different milestones for project handover.
  • Ensure that necessary actions are taken to keep the project database continuously updated, in order to allow proper coordination between Subcontractor, TR and Client teams, as well as provide status reports to the Project Manager.
  • Coordinate and ensure the smooth flow of documents between different departments.
  • Responsible for requesting the pending documentation of systems which have been completed and clearance of pending tasks to achieve handover milestone according to contract specifications and priorities lists established by Planning, Commissioning and/or as received from PCS.
  • Coordinate completion inspections of systems and/or subsystems (Walkthroughs) in order to create the punch list with the aim of meet project milestones.
  • Supervise the development of the turnover dossiers to transfer Subsystems/Systems from Construction department to the Commissioning team (when applicable) and later to client for project handover.
  • Convey the handover philosophy to different departments and onsite teams for awareness of handover priorities and proper coordination between different disciplines and teams.
  • Lead project closure on the last stage, managing human resources and necessary material (Own and subcontractors) for resolution of the punch list items and remaining work.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected] 07/01/2023 with subject line: Handover Manager

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process