International Company is looking for a Project Manager


Position: Project Manager 

Job Description:

  • Demonstrate personal HSSE leadership and excellent HSE behaviors at all times, and ensure that safety expectations are communicated and maintained.

•            Attend all mandatory training as specified in HSSE, and Permit To Work training schedule, and to act as a Permit To Work Area Authority

•            Ensure all team members are fully aware and understand all the projects safe working practices and adhere to them to maintain a SAFE working environment.

•            Act as an Area Authority within BP’s Permit To Work Procedures.

•            Active role with the ICSS/MCS engineering, planning, strategy for commissioning and operations

•            Attend Factory Acceptance Testing of equipment/software

•            Interface with the Engineering Purchase Order Management Team for all equipment/ packages to assist within the installation/commissioning.

•            Witnessing and acceptance of Site Acceptance Tests

•            Responsible for the validation and verification of the SIS requirements as detailed within the safety system lifecycle plan and the SIS Commissioning & Validation procedure

•            Comply with IEC61511 mandatory SIS Functional Safety Assessments

•            Comply with BPs competency guidelines for IEC 61511

•            Develop an intimate understanding of the complex operational aspects of the fibre optic cables   and   connections         for   each   production         umbilical   svstem           and the FOC Telecommunications data transmission and communications network between the SDB-QU offshore platform, other offshore production facilities and Sangachal Terminal

•            Oversee and manage ICSS/SCU subsea control software installation and upgrades as required

•            Provide technical support and monitoring where necessary during manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, testing and installation of subsea controls equipment and instrumentation to ensure delivery is in-line with Commissioning goals and objectives

•            Advise and check the operational match of the control system(s) to well, flowline and field operability and flow assurance, integrating all operational modes with interlocks, pre¬ requisites, permissive and alarms as displayed on the control system screens for the executive, monitoring and advisory functions

•            Assist with the capture and transfer of lessons learnt and best practices from other subsea projects and industry relevant to the subsea controls commissioning scope

•            Responsible for reviewing the content of commissioning test procedures for Subsea Systems, Production Trees, Manifolds and High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems. Ensuring that the integrity of the systems is maintained, and all safe working practices are adhered to within the procedures

•            Responding to engineering site queries where clarification of design is required and liaise with engineering contractor where a response to STQ’s is required.

•            Ensure that all GSS equipment commissioning activities are completed in a safe manner.

•            Ensuring that all GSS equipment commissioning procedures and paperwork is completed to  enable a smooth hand over of systems from Commissioning to Operations.

•            Be fully conversant and control ICSS software changes in accordance with project software change control procedure

•            Attend Commissioning meetings on behalf of MPO and Start-up Team

•            Liaise with GSS Services to coordinate Vendor Call-Offs in accordance with the construction and commissioning schedule ensuring vendors are mobilised when required.

Provide coaching / mentor national and junior team members as necessary.

Experience: 20 + years

Education:  Engineering degree

Essential Skills:

•            Ensure the teams commitment to Safety is maintained, promote strong HSE performance and uphold the bp Safety Leadership Principles

To complete the work scope assigned within the defined project schedule, ensuring the engineering design, commissioning and start-up requirements are achieved and equipment operability satisfactorily demonstrated

CVs to be submitted to [email protected]