International Company is looking for a Pre-commissioning Engineer


Position: Pre-commissioning Engineer

Education: Higher education degree in Mechanical, Structural Engineering


5-7 years of international experience as Subsea Pre-commissioning Engineer on medium-to large-scale and complex offshore projects within Oil and Gas Engineering and Construction industry.


  • Knowledge of basic design criteria, execution techniques, major international standards for definition of all execution phases from construction to start up (i.e. pipeline gauging, cleaning dewatering, drying, inheriting and in-line inspection). Knowledge of pre-commissioning and commissioning techniques relevant to concentrated facilities of pipeline transport system (such as compressor station, pumping station, receiving terminals, well head areas, etc.);
  • Knowledge of hydrotest methodologies, interpretation of gauging activities results, applicable pressurization/depressurization steps (stabilization time). Knowledge of cleaning filling, dewatering methodologies and valves testing and preservation. Knowledge of reinstatement sequences;
  • Capability to plan Discipline engineering activities and documentation deliverables in order to meet Project schedule milestones considering design workflows and engineering interfaces with all other Project Disciplines and functions. Capability to manage dynamic changes due to endogenous and exogenous factors;
  • Knowledge of basics, design criteria and major international standards for definition of productions, gas/water/steam/CO2 injection network and well head facilities and relevant auxiliaries and appurtenances;
  • Knowledge of methods and tools for work processing in Project development identifying interface communication line, data exchange and assuring project timing and smooth project execution;
  • Knowledge of basic, design criteria and major international standards for development of flow assurance simulations to definition of transport system process scheme. Knowledge of simulation tools and single phase and multiphases transportation techniques to assure the most effective and cost saving technology on process scheme definition;
  • Knowledge of process methods to ensure identification and verification of performance guarantees and liability;
  • Knowledge of major international standards and regulations (i.e. ASME, ISO, EN, DEP SHELL, API) such as: location class factors, material grade, hydrotest pressures, main line valves and process concentrated area spacing criteria in terms of safety assurance during process design;
  • Knowledge of methods and tools to support structure and projects on evaluation of risks relevant to project development during proposals and project execution.

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • Develop engineering activities for Pipeline Transport System (onshore and subsea) projects both in tendering and execution phase;
  • Participate in the definition of the detail project execution strategy;
  • Analyze and review the tender/contractual documents in order to validate/endorse consistency/completion between the budget, resources and means allocated for the work completion and the targets to be met;
  • Coordinate with Lead engineer, Line manager and Technical Manager awareness of modifications or anticipate difficulties for meeting Client requirements. Support Project effort with identification of changes to the Contract scope;
  • Ensure the drawing up of the contractual guarantees and liabilities during bidding stage;
  • Ensure the assessment and endorsement of the design performed by others and enclosed in the Tender Document during subcontractors bidding stage. Ensure the estimation of materials and process manhours for the execution of the project;
  • Actively participating in preparation of outsourcing and sub-contracting contracts (project-specific) based on strategy approach defined during bidding stage. Monitor performances of subcontractors;
  • Grant the consideration on the design of all the Project operating phases, including start-up, maintenance, transient situation and incidental events;
  • Ensure the technological support to the project risk assessment sections;
  • Coordinate the process activities of the team members throughout the project with a permanent concern for optimization of quality, costs and schedule criteria;
  • Manage the different interfaces by coordinating the activities of the team with all the other stakeholders on the project (engineering disciplines, project management team, subcontractors, vendors, working sites, construction, start-up team, etc.);
  • Control the input data for the team activities and review/approve all the documents issued by the team;
  • Review and manage Subcontractor documentation on support of project activities (including, but not limited to, Risk assessment);
  • Keep under control/review the performances of the main piece of equipment/packages (from selected Vendor) in order to meet the contractual Performance Guarantees;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the system operating and start-up procedures as well as the system hand-over plan as requested in accordance with the Contract.

Applications to be submitted to [email protected] indicating position title in the subject line.