WOOD Group Uk is looking for a Lead Materials & Welding Engineer


Position Title: Lead Materials & Welding Engineer

Job Description:

To provide Materials Engineering support  for subsea  in accordance with the requirements defined by BP projects and equates to an Full Time Engineer: This is a CTR drafted at the request of BP Lead Materials and Corrosion Engineer which covers the scope detailed below:

Verification and technical support activities on selected EPCI contractor and appointed sub-contractors documentation, philosophies, strategies, methodologies, procedures, specifications and reports. Specifically this scope covers:

Materials, welding and corrosion support to BP Lead materials Engineer

Verification of specifications/procedures as required ensuring BP ETP compliance for all materials disciplines

Provide verification support for all  Materials, welding and Corrosion  engineering activities.

Provide guidance on vendor selection and review selected vendor documentation for all material sub-sets as and when required.

Attend KOM/PPM/Progress meetings at vendor premises as required.

Identification of new opportunities for optimisation and rationalisation where appropriate

Provide support to other BP disciplines as and when required.

Interested candidates are welcome to apply sending their resume to [email protected]. Please indicate job title “Lead Materials & Welding Engineer” in the subject line.