SOCAR: Due to weather conditions, security measures have been strengthened


“Due to weather conditions, security measures have been strengthened, work in open areas has been suspended,” Report quotes Ibrahim Ahmadov, deputy head of the public relations and event organization department of SOCAR, as saying.

Seventy SOCAR employees have been evacuated, he added.

Earlier, a warning was issued over the change in weather conditions in Azerbaijan. According to the Bureau of Hydro-Meteorological Forecasts, unstable weather is expected in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula from the afternoon of November 10 to November 12.

Rain is expected in some places from the evening of November 10 to noon on November 11. The northwest wind will increase to 18-23 m/s, in some places up to 27-32 m/s, in the evening on November 10, at night and in the morning on November 11, the wind speed on the peninsula will increase to 35-38 m/s.

The air temperature will drop by 5-10 compared to the previous days and will be 9 degrees warm.