Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Cost Control Coordinator


Work Position: Cost Control Coordinator

Depending on: Project Control Manager

Job Description

To manage all the important documents, contractual terms and conditions corresponding to the different Assembly Subcontracts.
To comply and ensure the agreement of his whole team with the established cost control procedures.
To make sure that all the costs are coded in conformity with the “Accounts Code” of the Project.
To support on the preparation of all Cost Reports with the most accurate provisions.
To analyze all deviations that might occur during the construction between the initial state of the project and the final forecast.
To prepare AOAs including all documents supports required as per highlighted in Project Procedures.
To analyze all the requests of the different supervisors with respect to changes and extra work, assuring that: 1) all contractual conditions are fulfilled, 2) it economic repercussion has been detected and reported to the Site Manager.
Guarantee that different Assembly Subcontractors sign all documents included in their respective certification, according to the contract terms. He shall negotiate with the Assembly Subcontractors in order to keep the different subcontracts up to date, adding all contradictory prices and conditions required by the construction process. He shall keep watch over the maintenance of the final costs within the established estimations and analysis of deviations, proposing corrective actions if required.
To supervise the checking of the finished work certificates.
Co-ordinate (in advance) with the Site Purchasing Management, the forecast additional costs.
To collaborate with Site Material Management when claims shall be emitted to Suppliers or Insurance Companies, for material/ equipment damage or faults.
To guarantee an effective control of extra work orders and closure of Assembly Subcontracts on Site.
Assure, at the end of the construction stage, the preparation of a report summarizing all the activities performed in each Assembly Subcontract, analyzing the deviations (and their causes), improving suggestions for future subcontracts.
Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected] 27.08.2021 with subject line: Cost Control Coordinator.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.