Inland waterways Azov-Don basin’s seven-month cargo volume edges up 1%


Domestic waterborne freight traffic rose 56%

The consolidated freight traffic within the Azov-Don basin of Russia’s inland waterways reached 4 614 000 tonnes of various types of cargo as of August 1, 2021, or 1% higher on the same period of 2020, the Azov-Don Basin Administration’s Jan-Jul statistics showed.

Transit cargo volume in Jan-Jul decreased by 5% year-on-year to 3 888 000 tonnes. Domestic volumes, on the contrary, increased by 56%, reaching 726 000 tonnes.
The Azov-Don basin inland traffic as of August 1, 2021 totaled 2861 ships and ATBs, including 1389 vessels sailing downward and 1472 vessels upward (2020 – 3103 ships and ATBs: 1500 units downward / 1603 units upward).

This July, the total monthly waterborne volume in the Azov-Don basin inland waterways decreased by 3% compared to July 2020 reached 1 362 000 tonnes of different cargo, largely fuel oil (25.4%), sulfur (13.7%) and wheat (13.3%). Transit cargo traffic fell 8%, to 1 132 000 tonnes. Domestic freight traffic, on the contrary, rose by 36%, to 230 000 tonnes.

The monthly inland traffic in July 2021 was 773 vessels and ATBs (407/366 units downward / upward), as compared with 868 / 463 vessels a year before.

Inland waterways actual depths in July this year from the 132nd channel entrance up to the 132 Konstantinovsky hydro engineering facility were 395-400 cm, on the Konstantinovsky to Kochetovsky stretch – 370-400 cm, on the Kochetovsky – First Arpachinsky riffle stretch – 355-400 cm, from First Arpachinsky riffle to the 3121-km stretch of the Don – 370-400 cm.

The Federal Azov-Don Basin Administration is responsible for management and control of inland waterways of the Don River from the lower access channel of Lock No 15 (Tsimlyansk Reservoir) to the village of Aksai (the 3121-km stretch of the Don), except for Nikolayevsky and the Konstantinovsky hydroengineering facilities, and the tributaries of the Don River, Seversky Donets (from Krasny farm to the mouth) and the Manych River (from the Novo-Manychskaya Dam to the mouth). The total length of the Azov-Don Basin Administration managed inland waterways reaches 691.3 km.