Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Piping Steel Structure Painting Coating Insulation Supervisor


Piping/Steel Structure Painting/Coating/Insulation Supervisor (Nace CIP Level 2) is responsible for overseeing all the activities and duties of the subcontractors painting and insulation staff and activities ensuring that everything is in proper working manner.

A painting supervisor position is to make sure that the painting, coating and insulation works within the set quality, also required to have advanced knowledge of the painting, coating procedures and processes so that he can guide subcontractors when decisions must be made in order not to affect progress.


  • Performs Inspections of all stagers necessary to assure that the painted products are performed with a high level of quality.
  • Follow the qualification of different painting systems for piping and steel structure.
  • Reports Directly to QA/QC Coordinator about any Quality Deficiencies or any deviations from the applicable standards and specifications of project.
  • Check and ensure that all, painted products activities are performed with qualified painted system and approved procedure.
  • Perform inspection for the material used for the painted products activities.
  • Review and sign the inspection and test reports issued by Construction Contractor and assure that the required wet and dry film thickness as well as the blasting profile = are accepted based on approved procedures and the applicable standards and specifications of project.
  • Ensure that the proper traceability is performed from the painted products.
  • Checks and record atmospheric conditions prior to starting of painting operations.
  • Perform daily survey report related to all the activities inspected for painting shops and ensure that all the activities are in accordance with the project specifications, procedures and the material data sheet.
  • Check and ensure that all the painters and painting inspectors have the proper knowledge and experience to performed with a high level of quality product.
  • Check and ensure that the adhesion test of paint is acceptable and the percentage of inspection is followed.  
  • Review documentation (procedures, certificates, etc.) provided by Construction Contractor relevant to the scope of work under the responsibility of the inspector.
  • Ensures Supervisors and Employees understand and adhere the Quality Control Program.
  • Ensure that Construction Contractor complies with the Project Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) performing all planned inspection activities and issuing the corresponding inspection and test reports
  • Ensure that subcontractor is updating all documents related to painting activities.
  • To continuously survey the Construction Contractor activities as per the inspection activities planned in the ITPs and applicable standards; to attend inspection and testing as per Project ITPs witness/hold points
  • Open NCR and observations to Construction Contractor.
  • Open and keep track of punches into punch list.
  • Collaborates with departments and external suppliers regarding Quality concerns.
  • Monitor workshop Activities to ensure conformance with applicable Standards, Policies, Procedures and/or Drawings Specifications.
  • Manage and Conduct Audits at Paint Departments.
  • Reviews and Assists in product complaint investigations and assists Supervisors with investigations.
  • Check the Maintains Equipment operation in the fab shop and calibration list.
  • Liaise on daily basis with Client/Employer.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected] 07.07.2021 with subject line: Piping/Steel Structure Painting/Coating/Insulation Supervisor(Nace CIP Level 2).

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.