International Company is Looking for a Project Control Manager


Education: Master’s degree in Business Administration, Economic Sciences, Finance, Internal Audit and Cost Control


  • Minimum 15 years of experience in Project Control in oil and gas Offshore Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry;
  • Minimum 8-10 years of international experience as Project Control Manager on medium-to large-scale and complex projects

Skills and Competencies:

  • Knowledge of the project control scope, activities, tools, roles involved, documents, interfaces and deliverables;
  • Knowledge of cost control techniques. Capability to implement and manage a cost control systems for activities/projects. Knowledge of techniques for measuring performance and progress of economic data, and for allowing evaluation of risks. Ability to apply cost control techniques and ability to analyse and control activity/project revenues and costs, and to monitor progress and value of work done. Capability to identify economical issues and propose mitigations in coordination with contract management team(s);
  • Knowledge of WBS \ CBS implementation process. Knowledge of cost control, planning and document control tools structure and management. Ability to organize and input the WBS \ PBS structures in P6 according to the best methodology. Capability to draft WBS and PBS in excel upon request. Knowledge of how to apply CBS in executive projects and populate the SAP and PRISM tools;
  • Knowledge of the objectives of project control project analysis and reporting, knowledge of the notions of progress status and s-curves, key project indicators or parameters, earned value and productivity;
  • Knowledge of applicable standards linked to the project planning processes. Capability to ensure planning, scheduling, development, execution, monitoring, controlling and implementation set-up for Progress Measurement System in accordance with the project complexity. Capability to ensure that any deviation from plan is promptly spotted and analysed, the final time impact is estimated and the effect of corrective actions taken is monitored;
  • Knowledge of international and national accounting standards and principles (mainly IAS/IFRS) in order to understand and analyse financial books and records. Knowledge of IFRS 11 and Company rules in order to consolidate operating companies, joint ventures and participations. Capability to identify potential misalignment with policies;
  • Capability to identify, evaluate, and estimate the level of risk involved in a situation, to compare it against benchmarks or standards and to determine an acceptable level. Capability to maintain a systematic liaison with the Corporate Function ensuring full compliance and application of Corporate Guidelines and Standards;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;
  • Strong managerial skills.

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • Support the Project Manager during the project lifecycle to maintain the project on within the approved budget and risk safe through a suitable and effective control organization;
  • Organise and maintain the best integration between scheduling and cost control and Risk Management Functions ensuring that any activity is carefully planned and controlled in terms of time, budget and scope of work;
  • Create a schedule/cost/risk awareness atmosphere among all project participants.

At Project initial phase:

  • Design and setup the project control system according to the specific project complexity, contract requirements, the commercial dossier, the risk analysis outcome, tuning, together with the PM, the con trol philosophy and the best strategy, advicing the most suitable structure of the Projct Control team in order to achieve the control goals;
  • Be responsible for issuing the Project Control procedures (as deemed necessary dependin g on project complexity), the project WBS, the Risk and Opportunity Management Plan, the Contract Master Schedule, the internal Control Budget, the Cash Flow;
  • Supervise and ensure the coherence between the cost control and scheduling systems;
  • According to the corporate standard and the PM / Project Procurement Manager, specify the Project Control requirements to Subcontractors and Vendors to be included in the bid proposal documents in order to maintain a close control of progress, schedule and performance;
  • Be responsible for the Document Control System setup and coordinate the implementation of all information and application systems required. Address interface system requirements (e.g. Administration, Procurement, Engineering, ICT), ensure the implementation of the risk management methodology.

During Project execution phase:

  • Maintain the Project Control System together with the risk analysis ensuring it works effectively and Project Status is soundly assessed and reported with reference to project baselines and Control Budget which shall be promptly revised according to variation orders agreed. Progress shall be timely measured and schedule and cost forecast shall be consistent and regularly reviewed reflecting the most updated information and current trends. Project p erformance shall be clearly assessed and analysed while any deviation will be timely reported to PM and to any Project member responsible for decision-making;
  • Ensure that reports required by the Client (including backup for client invoicing) and by internal procedures are regularly issued;
  • Direct, coordinate and supervise the work of the Project Control team, fostering and developing a team spirit and ensure that all Team members have a clear understanding of the control philosophy and system, the contribution they are required to give and their role and committment about schedules and costs;
  • Foster the proper implementation of both the project risk and opportunity management system and the company Golden Rules and Silver guidelines, supporting the Project Management during the project lifecycle.

Applications to be submitted to [email protected] indicating position title in the subject line.