International Company is Looking for an Asset and Operation Manager


Job Title: Asset and Operation Manager


Higher education inMechanical, Structural, Naval  Engineering (Master, PhD preferred)


  • Overall 15-20 years of experience in Operations and Assets Management within oil and gas Offshore Engineering and Construction industry;
  • 10 years of international experience as Regional Assets Manager, Fleet and Upgrading Manager, Technical Manager on medium-to large-scale and complex offshore projects.

Skills and Competences:

  • Capability to plan asset utilization in line with the business activity and grant asset availability in time as per project requirement ensuring maintenance and cyclical activities to be integrated in an overall asset utilization view;
  • Capability to define and select maintenance concepts and guidelines based on the type of unit and required functionality;
  • Strong understanding of the industry standard both on structural and naval aspects. Capability to ensure compliance with certifying requirements and with the briefing of specific installation/operation;
  • Capability to perform the criticalities and the problem solving for all aspects related to ship building, establishing and controlling all aids and equipment for the activity in subject, for both the existing vessels and new initiatives;
  • Capability to perform the criticalities and the problem solving for all aspects of fleet maintenance and relevant upgrades establishing and controlling all aids and equipment for the activity in subject;
  • Capability to control the fleet manning through proper systems, plan and elaborate the vessels POBs, manage also the operational and installation aspects of the offshore operations, including the specific services required for the scope of work;
  • Capability to monitor all activities related to yearly and periodical management information flows of the accounting of assets, from purchase to disposal, in accordance with company requirements and in compliance with laws and tax regulations and in accordance with Company accounting principles and instructions, including the topics related to the depreciations of the assets and their effects in legal and tax terms;
  • Capability to monitor and perform an active follow-up over asset capex and opex including new development, investment for upgrade, cyclical, running and maintenance costs;
  • Knowledge and use of Company Maintenance Management tool (AMOS, Planned Maintenance module);
  • Knowledge of Spare Parts Management, Client Supply Chain Workflow (PR/ PO/ requisition, FAT/SAT, etc.) and warehouse management principles;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;
  • Strong managerial skills.

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • Plan, coordinate and control the Asset Management activities;
  • Plan, coordinate and control the execution of the offshore operations and relevant onshore fabrication of a project, in accordance with Client requirements, within time and cost constraints and in compliance with HSE and Quality procedures;
  • Manage the offshore operations leading the company vessels construction managers and subcontractors as well as the project fabrication portion for incorporable such as PLETs/ jumpers/ quadruple joints with exclusion of fixed facilities;
  • Represent the company towards offshore representative of the Clients, offshore related Subcontractors and manage also contractual aspects;
  • Ensure completion in accordance with the design requirements and the budget constraint;
  • Promote the development of specific competences and methods to support the operations, coordinating the supply of expert resources to projects;
  • Support the elaboration of the Investment Plan for initiatives;
  • Manage approved projects for development of new Engineering/Construction vessels, logistic bases, equipment and coordinate the relevant activities and ensure the achievement of targets in terms of quality, safety, execution timing and economic objectives defined for each initiative, ensuring the necessary technological support;
  • Coordinate, contribute to and optimize the plan for Engineering/Construction vessels and critical equipment, for acquired/potential projects, ensuring the strategic management of Engineering/Construction vessels and operations of logistic bases;
  • Plan/perform the management, maintenance, efficiency of the fleet and relevant yard equipment, fixed structures, logistic bases and mobile equipment, ensuring the definition/application of the most suitable actions (overall or for Area/vessel as assigned);
  • Plan/perform disciplinary support to the projects defining standard procedures, coordinating operating methods as regards vessels, equipment and yards in its remit. Ensure management of production equipment / related investments (overall or for Area/vessel as assigned);
  • Coordinate/ensure interface between operating methods and operational management for hydro testing, pre-commissioning, diving/survey subsea activities including guidelines, best practices and disciplinary support for in house/subcontracted activities;
  • Interface, contribute to, perform flow of information to allow overall view at project level and the prompt identification of best solutions (overall or for Area/vessel as assigned);
  • Perform/contribute to worldwide operational/maritime manning of vessels in its remit;
  • Coordinate onshore assistance provided to operative logistics and manage/track project materials/equipment, in order to optimize the support of the Engineering/Construction vessels in line with current/prospect needs of offshore business (overall or for Area/vessel as assigned);
  • Perform/contribute to analysis of asset/equipment technological evolution identifying/developing opportune initiatives to consolidate/improve competitiveness and contribution to the Technological Plan definition;
  • Implement/perform risk/opportunity/knowledge management methodology/tools during execution phases;
  • Identify prospect needs in terms of new Engineering/Construction vessels, yards, logistic bases and equipment;
  • Optimize schedule of operational vessel resources assigned to Areas, availability of critical roles on logistic bases and, where required, availability of qualified personnel and/or specialist services in order to support Projects executed in Fabrication yards, as per current/prospect needs of Offshore Engineering/Construction business;
  • Ensure with relevant Centralized functions/positions and applying procedures, the optimal management of assets in own remit, guaranteeing efficiency/appropriate maintenance, in line with defined targets for each project and with company utilisation plans;
  • Ensure, in liaison with Onshore Asset department, the management of the equipment/resources; guarantee moreover operations support during the execution phase in line with project need;
  • Ensure that the Company material in stock is properly managed, assuring an ongoing / optional services for the performance of projects/activities;
  • Contribute with Onshore Asset, Technology Research and Development functions, to the performance of the analysis of equipment technological evolution, proposing appropriate initiatives aimed at strengthening/improving the competitiveness of assets and contributing, for what in own remit, to the definition of Technological Plan;
  • Ensure, in collaboration with Centralized Procurement/Industrial Risk Management/Company Contract Management functions, the implementation of risk/opportunity/knowledge management methodology/tools during execution phases, also guaranteeing compliance with Golden Rules/Silver Guidelines

Applications to be submitted to [email protected] 

indicating position title in the subject line.