Water level rises in Kur, with river currently flowing into sea


The water level in the Kur river has risen.

Report’s Aran bureau informs that the unstable weather of the previous days and intensive rainfalls in our country have influenced the Kur river.

This is especially pronounced in Kur’s lower sections, in Salyan and Neftchala, where the water level in the river rose by 1 meter and 60 centimeters, respectively. As a result, the water pumps which previously could not work productively have returned to their normal, removing all the difficulties in irrigating the arable lands.

The situation, which was especially critical in Neftchala, has been resolved. Now, not the Caspian Sea flows to Kur, but Kur flows to the Caspian Sea.

According to experts, the water level in the river will keep rising since it is the season of high water.