Técnicas Reunidas is Looking for a QA/QC Folder Coordinator


Work Position: QA/QC Folder Coordinator

Job Description

QAQC Folders Coordinator shall be incorporated in an early stage of the Projects. During the Home Office stage, the activity will be the same as the Folders & Support Team.

On site, QAQC Folders Coordinator will depend hierarchically on the Site Quality Manager and shall take charge of the following activities:

  • Make a presentation to Site management, Quality and Precommissioning main staff to inform them about the activity that Folders & Support Team will develop with this Software, requesting their collaboration in order to achieve a successful implementation.
  • Make a Test Package management presentation to the Subcontractor to inform them about their responsibilities regarding the Test Packages management and the advantages of the implementation.
  • Define a common work area where QAQC Folders Coordinator and Subcontractor will prepare, manage and store the Test Packages.
  • Estimate the material and manpower resources that the Subcontractor must supply and the number of computers and TR’s network connections that will be necessary (it depends on the quantity of Test Packages in the Project).
  • In coordination with Handover Team, keep updated HCS Set up relating to Test Packages (QAQC Folders Coordinators HCS permission shall be in such an extension that allows them to perform Data Base changes regarding Test Packages, always in coordination with Handover team).
  • Manage the Subcontractor manpower to prepare the Test Packages in the common work area. The Piping Test Package could be prepared in other place and later will be stored in the common work area once they have been reviewed and the punches “A” have been closed (ready for testing).
  • Print the uploaded Engineering and/or Vendors documents and the blank Control Forms associated to the tasks (with the barcode and header filled) to prepare the Test Packages folders. In the case of Piping Test Packages, there will be printed from the Software only the blank Control Forms associated to tasks marked as Folder Task, because the required documentation will be generated on Site.
  • After performing the test, check the Engineering and/or Vendor documents included in Test Packages, searching for the changes done during the test execution (Red Marked). If Red Marked documents are found, upload them in HCS in order to have the same documents inside the Test Packages and in HCS.
  • Scan the required documentation of Piping Test Packages that have been already reviewed, approved, and with the punches “A” closed (ready for testing), uploading them afterwards in HCS.
  • Compile the Test Packages Control Forms properly filled and signed, scan and upload them in HCS. Then, store them again in the Test Packages Folders. The original Control Forms will be kept in the Test Packages Folders and they will be included in the

Final Quality Dossier unless Project Management states that it must be proceeded otherwise.

  • Once the Test Package has been completed, the punch list of the Test Packages will be transferred to Handover Department. It shall be signed/stamped as “Punch List Transferred” and return them back to QAQC Folders Coordinator who will scan, upload in HCS and store in Test Packages hard copy.
  • Keep the Test Packages Folders in the common work area and keep their traceability when they leave the area.
  • Prepare the necessary site reports to know the status of the Test Packages

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected] 

06-05-2021 with subject line: QA/QC Folder Coordinator

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process