SOCAR Trading awarded trader of year


Florent Chevrier, head of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) division of SOCAR Trading, a subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), has been named Argus LPG Awards of Excellence 2020 trader of the year.

According to Report, F. Chevrier is a long-time trader working in the global energy business in Geneva and was awarded this prize by prominent colleagues in the industry.

The Argus LPG Awards of Excellence 2020 was presented in partnership with the World Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Association (WLGPA). This award is selected in 4 categories. These categories include the Trader of the Year, COVID Tolerance, Innovation Technologies, and National Associations.

Chevrier was nominated for the 2020 Trader of the Year for creativity in commerce, leadership in adapting to changing trade flows, discovering new sources of supply, and supporting LPG communities and local economies in terms of demand.

The trader said he was proud to receive the prize from his partners: “I am pleased to be on the same path with my colleagues and receive this prestigious award on behalf of the LPG team of SOCAR Trading. It will be accepted as a successful business model of the industry applied by SOCAR Trading. We have laid the foundation for honesty in all our work and have established deep ties with our commercial partners.”

He thanked Argus Media in the end.

“The central theme of the Argus LPG Awards of Excellence 2020 is innovation and sustainability in the world. When the global business activity is weakening, SOCAR Trading has managed to manage its business successfully in all financial and operational aspects, operating in economic uncertainty conditions.

“SOCAR Trading has implemented digital solutions due to risks and adaptation for the last two years. SOCAR Trading is confidently and flexibly expanding into new promising markets,” Chevrier noted.