Expro Group is Looking for Assistant Operators


Principal Accountabilities

  • Conduct our business in a manner that prevents harm to people and the environment as a result of our operations
  • Strict adherence to company procedures and policies at all times.
  • Successful tool runs allowing Client to complete operations safely with minimum ‘down time’.
  • Equipment to be maintained fit for purpose.  This is essential for the success of operations.
  • Meaningful and constructive appraisals to be made for subordinates to allow assessments to be carried out.
  • To broaden scope of knowledge to become a more flexible member of the team (through competence system).
  • Assist other Expro services as and when appropriate.

Job knowledge and Qualifications

  • Understanding of Basic Tools and Procedures with Regard to Function, Testing, Troubleshooting and Safe Practices                    
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Self Motivated/Disciplined                                                                               
  • Hard Working and Tenacious                                                                                                      
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure

Why Expro?

It is our people that makes us great.  We challenge the status quo and we continually reinvent and reinvigorate our strategy to stay ahead of the market.

Our core values of People, Performance and Partnerships underpin the essence of Expro.To apply please log onto the careers section of our group website https://www.exprogroup.com/careers