Worley is Looking for a Construction Manager


Key Accountabilities of Position:

  • Responsible for Health, Safety and Environmental compliance of all personnel and operations within area assigned, ensuring that adequate resources are deployed to maintain a Healthy and Safety at site and that all measures are in place to protect both the environment and items of cultural heritage.
  • To represent Worley on the construction sites and to organize, administer and control site activities in accordance with the relevant legislation, Client and Worley requirements.
  • Be fully familiarized with the contract requirements, Worley policies and procedures and ensure that those requirements relating to the site operations are implemented on behalf of and under the direction of the Program Director.
  • To ensure that Worley Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSE/R3) and Quality policies are understood and implemented by all staff and project contractors.
  • To ensure that the project achieves its objectives in respect of HSE/R3, quality, cost and schedule.
  • Agree, establish and maintain effective communication and co-ordination between construction site and home offices task force/departments.
  • Promote Worley by demonstrating professionalism and efficiency, establishing credible client and local contractor working relationships.
  • Mentor and develop own staff in conjunction with HR Manager. Conduct regular staff performance reviews and identify training and development needs.
  • Gather information about the site, client, local capability, culture, etc. by conducting surveys as necessary to ensure the critical issues are identified and that a strategy (Construction Execution Plan) is developed, implemented and maintained to ensure project objectives are attained.
  • Establish the acceptance criteria and procedures governing the transfer of Care, Control & Custody for the site between Company (BP) and Worley.
  • Review and agree with the Program Director the required optimum site organization by the application of model organization rulings with consideration given to the changing requirements throughout earthworks, construction, prefabrication, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.
  • To ensure an effective feedback system on all site requirements e.g. AFC drawings, engineering design, safety alerts, material requirements, material shortages/damages etc
  • Maintain an effective filing and records retrieval system.
  • Report cost trends, examine, understand and manage budgets.
  • To ensure that construction requirements are realistically quantified and incorporated into the project budgets and planning system.  To ensure that the detailed interfaces between engineering and procurement deliverables fit a logical sequence that suits the commissioning and start up requirements.
  • To ensure that Worley constructability program and construction work pack (CWP) processes are effectively implemented and followed to achieve HSE, quality, cost and schedule targets for each project.
  • To be aware of and effectively communicate to all supervised staff, the detail and content of project HSE/R3 and quality manuals, ensuring that the associated policies are understood and practically implemented as per project schedule requirements.
  • Ensure adherence to national/client HSE/R3 and quality regulations.
  • Ensure that risk assessments are carried out and that hazards are eliminated / minimized where possible or where not possible that personnel, environment, and property are suitably protected and that any residual risks are communicated to those likely to be exposed to the hazard.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with BP nominated contractors and 3rd parties.
  • To ensure that all construction contractors communicate the strategies, methods and residual risks to their employees and take regard of the views and concerns of the workforce in planning and execution of all site activities.  To ensure this communication chain is progressively and formally recorded using the AIM process of risk assessment.
  • To ensure that the welfare of all personnel on site is considered in accordance with BP, Worley and local authority requirements.
  • To ensure effective security surveillance and guarding measures are established to protect client property, client personnel, equipment and materials.  Such security, surveillance and guarding arrangements to cover both Client and Worley offsite works and accommodation.
  • Participate in local labor employment agreements.
  • Promote harmonious relations and welfare of all site personnel.
  • To agree and establish the site quality plan, inspection strategy and audit schedule necessary to satisfactorily control, record and monitor all works to ensure conformance with project specified quality.  To also provide for and ensure that all supervised personnel are fully briefed in and implement their responsibilities.
  • Ensure that computer hardware and software is available at site to suit Worley business needs.
  • To agree all support staffing levels and additional work activities with the Program Director.  To ensure that qualified, experienced and authorized technical staff are available at site to meet the schedule and to support supervision effort.
  • Review with Program Director / Procurement Manager contracting strategy and contracts schedule.  To further ensure that the contract schedule is implemented and maintained and that resources are available to define the requirements of construction requisitions for required services and temporary works.
  • Ensure effective administration of construction contractors and suppliers site services representatives at all times.
  • Agree the materials supply and shipping strategies with materials management and procurement personnel. Monitor status of deliveries to meet project execution requirements.  Ensure that materials received are inspected and where necessary passivated or preserved in accordance with manufacturers requirements.
  • Ensure that appropriate construction personnel are involved in engineering reviews and constructability activities.  Ensure that all construction requirements are incorporated into the network level 3 and detailed level 4 schedules.
  • To ensure that all temporary works supports, heavy lift, transportation etc.… are properly designed and checked by Worley authorized engineers.
  • Ensure that all temporary facilities and logistics are properly designed, implemented and maintained.
  • To ensure all fabrication facilities and field activities are coordinated, effectively supervised and controlled by Worley qualified supervisory staff.
  • To ensure that the planning of the construction work is in sufficient detail to enable job face activities to be fully identified and resourced and that works can be monitored and executed safely.
  • Ensure contractors labor strengths and skill/ competency levels are compatible with site requirements.
  • Ensure contractors’ resources plant, tools and consumables are available to maintain the programme of work.
  • Liaise with client operations / commissioning manager / engineer to ensure that safe working arrangements, permit to work systems and tag/ lock out systems are fully understood, with authorized personnel in place, for all phases of the project.
  • Ensure that the pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures are developed and that the split of responsibilities matrix is issued.
  • Ensure that process systems are defined to facilitate progressive handover of the plant to meet commissioning priorities.  Ensure that construction completion activities are tracked and that punch lists and exception items are recorded and cleared at the various stages of completion.
  • Ensure that construction quality records are compiled and collated in a progressive manner and that they are retained and can be readily retrieved for audit at any time during project execution up to final acceptance of the plant by the client.

Essential Skills / Competencies Required:



  • Extensive technical, practical and leadership experience in construction.  Including experience in strategic planning within a commercial environment and demonstrable experience in driving industry leadership and performance.  Experience in building strong people relationships (both internal and external), general management practices and experience in managing and leading a team.


  • Approximately 20 years, with a minimum of 10 years Supervisor/Superintendent experience in a multi-discipline team environment.

        Qualifications, Accreditation, Training:


  • A recognised trade qualification in mechanical/electrical/civil discipline or equivalent.


  • Qualifications in the relevant discipline; management or supervisory qualifications or equivalent experience.

        HSE Capability:


  • Demonstrate behavior and business practices commensurate with a culture of world’s best health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Assist in developing, communicating, implementing and regularly review systems, strategies, standards and processes (including environmental plans or health management programs) that:
    • Minimize the potential impact of work activities or work sites managed by Worley on the environment;
    • Manage the impact of work activities or work sites managed by Worley on the environment;
    • Manage recovery from environmental incident;
    • Promote safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplaces and behavior, including workplaces not managed by Worley and behavior when not at work;
  • Manage workplace illness and injury.
  • Acquire and maintain sufficient knowledge and awareness of the workplace environment to identify and manage work hazards and incidents

Please send your CV to [email protected] by indicating the position title (Construction Manager) in the subject line of your email.