Tecnicas Reunidas is Looking for a Production Control Engineer PCA


Work Position: Production Control Engineer PCA

Depending on: Planning & Production Control Manager

Job Description

Specific functions:

  • Set Up of different BBDDs.
  • Import data from Subcontractors into the Tools.
  • Validation / Data Integration.
  • Issuance of reports.
  • Maintenance of the good functioning of the BBDDs and Communications with Servers.
  • Operating programs / software (In-House) used by TR on site.

The main responsibilities of Software Control Engineer are:

  • Supervision and updating of all progress information, according to the TR on-site software: PCSSCAPCACSM2DCSM3DEICA
  • Reviewing and implementation of the “Progress Control Procedure for Construction and Pre-Commissioning” of the Project. (ITG-153-002)
  • Preparing the weekly work forecast (Draft Weekly Work Front), based on available materials and plot plans received (IFCs), according to the planning level 4 (L4). Ensure that this work forecast contemplates the arrival of material and equipment expected.
  • Preparing the various progress reports – based on the Schedule level 3, in accordance with the established progress assessment procedure (L4).
  • Evaluating the progress according to the information received, whose drafts will have to be validated by the Control of Progress and Production Engineer Leader, with the support of Supervision / Construction.
  • Integrating and detail all Subcontractor reports, standardizing them in a unified system (Templates Level IV – TaskLists), Manpower reports, Incidents, …
  • Preparing and produce all planning reports in accordance with the requirements of the Contract.
  • Compatibility analysis of data structures for the interconnection of production control applications.
  • Preparing reports based on information provided by other Construction departments.
  • Under the supervision of the Control of Progress and Production Engineer Leader, he/she will issue curves and histograms of progress with the established periodicity within ITG-153-002.

Analyzing work-front study based on the information collected in different tools.

The specific functions and their respective responsibilities would be:


  • Control of Isometric reception, controlling isometrics that are received and sent by the Documentation Department.
  • Loading of isometric to the system, revisions, cancellations.
  • Report (daily basis) the status of isometric in the system.


  • Reception and analysis of Welding Map Production Report received from Subcontractor.
  • Reception and analysis of Fit-up Production Report received from Subcontractor.
  • Production control of supports and painting.
  • Report (daily basis) production status, Welding Map (Spool, Joints).
  • WorkFront control for fabrication and erection.
  • Tracking of fabrication and erection together with Construction.
  • Tracking of materials (Purchase, Reception and Delivery).
  • Data control for PCA Setup (Project Standards).
  • Verification of field data with data in system (Daily and weekly reports) and procedures WPS.
  • Report (daily basis) test status.


  • Definition control of limits between Commissioner and Subcontractors.
  • Analysis of isometric continuities with TP.
  • Production Recovery not reported by Subcontractor.
  • Analysis of lack of materials and priority of dispatch.
  • Issuance of Pipe War Room report.


  • Analysis of WF (different scenarios) both Fabrication and Erection by Areas / Subsystems.
  • Issuance of 3D graphical reports with analysis of pipes.
  • Issuance of Pipe JOBCARD.


  • Import / validation of Instruments, Cables, Junction Boxes and Loops lists.
  • Link of Instruments with Isometric.
  • Issuance of Instrumentation JOBCARD.


– More than 7 years of experience;

– Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English and Azerbaijani;

– The ability to use computerized technology;

– Knowledge of PCS, SCA, PCA, CSM2D, CSM3D, EICA y REPO;

– The experience and ability to perform and handle all duties in Job Description.

Eligible candidates send your CV in English to [email protected]  27.09.2020 with subject line: Production Control Engineer PCA

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the further stages of the recruitment process.