TechnipFMC is Looking for a Smart Plant Material Operator


Job Title: Smart Plant Material (Marian) Operator

– Responsible for receiving, store keeping including maintenance during storage, and dispatching materials and equipment supplied by Engineering Centers                                                                                           

– Issues requisitions for local purchasing and selects the local suppliers                                                                                                                         

– Supervises and gives instructions to the material jobsite team. The main tasks are to :                                                                                                     

– Define the material management procedures related to :                                  

– material logistics at site;                                                                       

– handling of material and storage;                                                                           

– maintenance during storage and construction;                              

– stock control and traceability;                                                                        

– material reporting;                                                                                              

– administration of insurance claims, back charges;                                        

– Manage the material staff;                                                                                    

– Receive and analyze material expediting status;                                              

– Receive and analyze shipping forecast;                                                                 

– Receive handling/storage recommendations;                                              

– Prepare storage ground or location;                                                                      

– Receive, administrate and file shipping documents and material certificates;                                                                                                                     

– Transfer the Vendor’s Instructions for Transport, Preservation and Erection to the Field Engineering Manager;                                                           

– Coordinates when necessary and perform unloading at port / inland transportation;   

– Coordinates all customs activities to ensure proper delivery at Site at due time;                                                                                                              

– Monitor unloading at Site;                                                                           

– Supervise consignment checks for external visible or suspected damages;                 

– Liaises with the Field Engineering Manager to palliate any missing material (substitution, replacement, upgrading of spec.) before purchasing decision;                                                                                               

– Notify discipline supervision/construction superintendent/planning of material delivery;                                                                                            

– Supervise quantity check and conformity with packing list/purchase order and material requisition;                                                                              

– Supervise checking of the conditions of the goods received;                             

– Supervise verification, with discipline supervisors, of suspected material discrepancies and defaults;                                                                     

– Confirm letters of reserves for insurance claims;                                                

– Supervise storage and preserve material as required;                                        

– Supervise verification of material identification versus material certificate and color coding;                                                                                    

– Enter material into stock;                                                                                   

– Spot check quantities against stock records;                                                    

– Transfer to Client the contractual spare parts;                                                     

– Ensure the transportation of all packing material, cable drums, etc… required to be returned to suppliers;                                                                     

– Initiate selling or surplus  material at the time of work completion;              

– Manage and monitor the orderly disposal of Contractor’s scraps and packing materials according to the Waste Management Plan.

Required Work experience:

– At least ten (5) years experience in relevant positions                             

– At least five (5) years experience in Oil & Gas Industrial including 

  Petrochemical projects

– Experience in Materials Management: Procurement of all kinds of

  Material (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical)

– Experience in planning of manpower and work distribution within 

  group of engineers

– Experienced in analyzing shipping forecast 

– Experienced in dispatching piping materials by isometrics

– Experienced in warehouse management

– Experienced in checking Dispatch Request Slip requested by subcontractor based on Bill of Materials in isometric drawings;                                                 

– Managerial work experience on relevant position in Oil & Gas Industrial including Petrochemical Projects;

– Experienced in storekeeping and issuing of materials to the subcontractors of the Project, as well as record keeping of the materials;

– Experienced as SPMAT Operator;

– Work Experience in Project Quality Department.


-Industrial Engineering Degree

Essential Skills:

– Strong knowledge of “Technip Quality Standards”                                        

– Strong knowledge of Technip HSE policy                                                           

– Strong Technical Writing Skills                                                                             

– Procurement & planning skills                                                                              

– Strong Analytical skills : to assess organizational systems                        

– Software skills:  Microsoft Office Package & Material Management programs ;

– Organizational skills and a methodical approach to work;                                         

– Excellent Project Management skills;                                                             

– Planning and Time Management: to ensure that projects are completed within set timeframes;                                                                    – Resource Management – ensuring that equipment is available throughout the building project;                                                                           – Financial and Budget Management: making sure that the project is completed within a financial budget;                                                               

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;                                                

– Accuracy and attention to detail;                                                                             

– Negotiation skills;                                                                                                          

– Good at math and statistics;                                                                        

– Strong organizational and problem-solving skills;                                            

– Risk management;                                                                                         

– Team management;                                                                                       

– Task Management;

Desired Skills:

– Good written and spoken English and Italian

– Teamworking skills

– Consistent performer with a strong track record, positive attitude,

  with ability to handle assignments under high pressure

Deadline for the position: the 04th September 2020

Please, send your resume and other corresponding documents to : [email protected]