“Sea Cup” International Contest to be held from August 25 until September 4


The “Sea Cup” International Contest will be held from August 25 until September 4 on Azerbaijan’s territorial waters in the framework of the “International Army Games – 2020” competitions, APA reports.

It is already the 4th year now that the “Sea Cup” contest is held on Azerbaijan’s territorial waters.

This year, the teams of Iran and Kazakhstan don’t participate in the contest due to the COVID-19 virus.

The Makhachkala small artillery ship of the Caspian fleet of the Russian Navy Flotilla (NF) arrived in Baku on August 17 in order to participate in the Sea Cup contest.

The ship that will participate in the contest on the part of Azerbaijan is the G-122 guard ship.

The certificates and the armbands for the right for refereeing were presented to the referees of the “Sea Cup” international contest on August 19.