SOCAR Polymer is Looking for a Laboratory Equipment Engineer



Title:                                      Laboratory equipment engineer

Department:                       Technology

Location:                              Sumgait


This position is responsible for the readiness of lab equipment for the analysis. The person must provide training for usage of equipment if it needs. Laboratory equipment engineer is accountable for diagnosis in case of any emerged problems in equipment and solve the emerged problem of instruments; must maintain work area and equipment adhering to correct procedures, policies and health/safety guidelines.


  • Find out/Diagnose the problems of lab instruments and sort out them, read and interpret data schematics and manuals to repair instruments and communicate with vendor if needed
  • Change spare parts of instruments such as grips, loads of tensile tester, hose of chillers, columns of GC, HPLC etc.
  • Predict upcoming problems, identify shelf life of spare parts in advance
  • Installing new received basic lab instruments/ Reinstalling all lab Instruments if needed
  • Maintain detectors of GC-FID/TCD/MSD, HPLC, Microcoulometer, Reduction Gas Analyzer, ICP etc.
  • Maintain the software of all computer-based lab instruments
  • Changing valves of gas cylinders and replacing gas cylinders
  • Controlling all gas lines, water lines and supervising the settings of new lines
  • Basic maintenance of equipment including calibration and standardization;
  • Maintain a clean and orderly environment   
  • Must hold talks with Vendor in order to fix any problems                                 
  • Must give new suggestions for solving any problems/ for developing Lab
  • To provide continuous laboratory support, carrying out all duties in a safe, environmentally friendly and appropriate manner in accordance with all policies, procedures, guidelines and work instructions
  • Complies with safety policies, laws, regulations, standards, and best practices for safe operation of the lab, including the SOCAR Polymer principles.
  • Accountable for the right diagnosis in case of any emerged problems in equipment  
  • Accountable for the right solution of the problem of instruments                            
  • Maintain work area and equipment adhering to correct procedures, policies and health/safety guidelines.


  • Advanced knowledge of technical English
  • Must possess competent knowledge of Lab equipment and systems including troubleshooting and fault finding on such Equipment.
  • Expert knowledge in working analytical instruments [FT-IR, HPLC, UV, GC-MS/FID/TCD, ICP, DSC] 
  • Expert knowledge including working and troubleshooting in physico-mechanical instruments [Cast Film Extruder, Mini Extruder, Injection Molding, MFR, Tensile Tester, Capillary Rheometer, Blown film Extruder, HDT/Vicat, Izod/Charpy
  • Problem solving;                                                                                                       
  • Time management;
  • Team orientation;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Planning & organizing

Education and experience

  • At least 5 years of practical experience in instrumentation                      
  • Advanced experience on test equipment use
  • Must know the work principles of all Lab equipment                               

•      Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or automation field.


Interested candidates should follow the link below:

The above vacancy is addressed to nationals of Azerbaijan or with permanent residency in Azerbaijan. All eligible applications for the advertised post will be assessed and given equal opportunities.

Application closing date: 20  September 2020