Turkish Stream Stopped for Its First Repair


The Black Sea gas pipeline from Russia to the west of Turkey, the Turkish Stream, which has been operating since the beginning of 2020, yesterday stopped at its first repair.

Scheduled repairs will last from June 23 to 28, for six days.

The Turkish Stream with a design capacity of 31.5 bcm of gas per year supplies gas to the west of Turkey, as well as Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia.

One of its legs is intended for the Turkish market, and the other for the countries of southern Europe. Since the beginning of the year, about 2.5 bcm have been delivered to Europe along this main (three times less than the capacity of the pipe – 15.75 bcm per year). 

However, soon the gas of the Turkish Stream should come to Serbia, and then to Hungary and Austria, which will increase the loading of the pipeline.
Gas supply through the Turkish Stream to the Turkish market in February amounted to about 17 mcm per day, and in March – 6 mcm a day, while the total capacity of the main is 86 mcm per day, and the capacity of the leg for the Turkish market is 43 mcm per day.