US congressman urges Georgian gov’t to allow US investments into Anaklia port project


US congressman Adam Kinzinger says that he believes in the government of Georgia when they say the Anaklia deep sea port project is important for them, and has thus urged the government to allow American investments into the port project as soon as possible during an interview with the Georgian bureau of Voice of America. 

I would like to say to the Georgian people and the Georgian government, I think they want the United States to be interested in their country very much. We must continue to work to create an environment in which investments are promoted and welcomed and regulations are not used for other purposes than creating a free and fair climate. Georgian companies which want to invest in the US are treated the same way. That’s all we want”, he said. 

Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava said today that if anyone and especially the strategic partners of Georgia are interested in any details regarding the Anaklia port project “we are ready to provide additional details”.

Turnava said that the government of Georgia shares Kinzinger’s opinion that the Anaklia port project is a strategic project for Georgia.

We are still ready to continue working with financial institutions to consult with us on re-organising the tender. We do not see the potential for continuing this project with the consortium. This project should have been implemented with the consortium so far, but it failed despite our very liberal approach and support”, Turnava said.

She added that in order to develop the project successfully it is important to find new investment potential and new investors.