Istanbul’s shipping canal receives Environmental Impact Assessment


The shipping canal of Istanbul received conclusion on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Trend reports referring to Turkish media.

The EIA conclusion was drawn up today by the Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

During the next ten days, the conclusion of the EIA will be available for public discussion.

Earlier, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the shipping canal in Istanbul will change the face of the city in a better way.

This project is an extremely important and strategic project, Erdogan said.

In 3Q of 2019, in total 32,414 vessels passed through the Turkish Dardanelles strait of Canakkale province, 10,981 of them were cargo ships.

At this time, 30,352 vessels passed through the Bosphorus strait, 13,759 of them were cargo ships.