Ministry disclosed results of monitoring at beaches in Azerbaijan


The staff of the Department of the Caspian Integrated Environmental Monitoring of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources conducted regular monitoring on the beaches from June 28 to July 4, took samples of sea water and conducted a microbiological analysis.

Report informs, according to the analysis, in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula, the sea water on the beaches of Bilgah, Nardaran, Buzovna, Mardakan, Shuvalan, Zagulba, Pirshagi is suitable for use. Employee of the Department Narmin Babashova noted that the sea water on the beaches of Novkhani, Turkan, Hovsan, Shikh, Sahil and Sumgayit is unsuitable for use due to microbiological pollution.

Notably, according to the results of this analysis, Novkhani beach is considered polluted.

The representative of the MENR stated that the monitoring was carried out in the northern and southern parts of the Caspian Sea. She said that, unlike previous results, this time the sea water of the beaches not only of Nabran, but also of Yalama in the Khachmaz district, Seyidlar, Istisu (Muktadir), Lankaran and Astara were also recognized microbiologically polluted and, therefore, unsuitable for swimming.

According to N. Babashova, the pollution of the beaches in Novkhany, Yalama, Seyidlar, Istisu (Muktadyr), Lankaran and Astara is associated with the start of operation of the service areas in the named beach areas and the discharge of waste and wastewater into the sea.