Yellow Sea coast and Bohai Strait included in World Heritage List


Several nominations have been considered within the framework of the 43rd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Baku.

Report informs, one of them was inclusion of Yellow Sea coast and Bohai Strait in World Heritage List.

It was noted that there area about 100 hectares, and migration process of some birds are being observed here. Taking into account fact that there are fish and migratory species of birds, the coastal seas are in great need of protection. The situation with the ecosystem and new construction works in this area leaves much to be desired. Almost two thirds of the land on the coast is lost and tourism opportunities are limited.

Due to the fact that the coast is a territory of migratory birds, it is necessary to take steps to protect ecological situation in this area. The direction of flow of some rivers has been changed, pollution is at a high level. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the territory as a single ecosystem.

The proposal was accepted after discussions.