Iran produces 1.2 million tons of fish a year


Currently, Iran grows and produces 1.2 million fish and shrimp per year, said Nabiollah Khon Mirzaei, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jihad and director of the Iran Fisheries Organization, Trend reports referring to the website of the Iran Fisheries Organization.

According to Khon Mirzaei, 725,000 tons of production is obtained by hunting, while the rest is raised.

Khon Mirzaei added that it has been decided to increase production to 1.5 million tons by the end of the 6th Development Program (2016-2021).

“At present, the country has a number of restrictions on coastal water resources. Therefore it is impossible to permit hunting exceeding the said amount,” he said.

Khon Mirzaei said that explorations were conducted in the Indian Ocean and outside Iran’s maritime borders for hunting lanternfish.

According to Khon Mirzaei, approaches have been proposed for supporting the cultivation of sea creatures and simplifying exports.