Chabahar customs in iran to release 1,000 auto spare parts containers


The director general of Chabahar customs Azizollah Shams has announced that the 3-month deadline for releasing 3,000 containers with imported car parts is over, and 1,000 of these containers will be released in 20 days.

Previously, Shams said that of the 10,000 containers of imported spare parts, some 3,000 of them are held up at the Chabahar customs, and they belong to SAIPA and Iran Khodro carmakers.

“Iran Khodro Khorasan branch and other auto branches have implemented the necessary efforts to claim the containers that are ready to be released,” he said, Trend reports citing IRNA.

He went on to add that the remaining containers at the customs aren’t being released not because they were seized, bu the because the importers have not completed the necessary procedures to obtain the release documents.

“The value of imported cargoes has not been declared to the customs yet,” he said previously. “The customs is providing facilities for the importers to store cargoes, and they can release up to 70-80 percent of the imported goods, the rest would remain as bail.”

“Since two major auto companies announced that bank problems is the reason for delay in releasing the containers, the customs have offered a one month extension, however if the spare parts are not released in this period, the imported items would be considered abandoned goods,” he explained.