Azeri LT CIF average cost up by 28% in first half of 2017


    In the first half of the year, the minimum price for Azerbaijani oil Azeri LT CIF on the world market was $ 46.01/barrel, which is $ 17.19 or 59.65% higher than the corresponding figure for 2016.

    Report informs, in this period the lowest indicator was recorded on June 20, last year same – January 20 (28.82 dollars/barrel).

    According to information, in January-June this year, the Azeri LT CIF sold at an average of 53.54 USD per barrel, or 11.65 dollars per barrel or 27.81% more than the average for the previous year.

    This year, the highest price for Azeri LT CIF was recorded on January 3 – 58.39 USD per barrel, which is by 6.02 USD or 11.50% higher than in the same period of last year.

    Notably, in 2016 the maximum price for Azeri LT CIF was fixed on June 8 ($ 52.37 per barrel).