TAP completes shipment of pipes to Albania


    The last shipment of steel line pipes for building the Albanian onshore section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) was offloaded in the port of Durrës.

    Report informs citing TAP consortium, the vessel MV Galene M discharged the last cargo containing 726 pipes.

    This was the 15th shipment transporting steel pipes from Germany, where they had been produced.

    Approximately 13,000 pipes, bends, and various equipment and machinery weighing more than 200,000 tonnes have been delivered to Durrës since April 2016.

    Karl Roberts, TAP Project Manager for Albania, noted: “The discharge of the line pipes and bends was an operation undertaken with military precision. All activities were completed without any incident. The entire process was carried out in line with the TAP project timeframe and to the highest safety standards. The last pipe shipment to Albania marks another important milestone towards the completion of the pipeline project”, TAP official noted.

    Notably, the length of the TAP onshore section in Albania is 215 km. Approximately 13,000 pipes, 18 and 12 meters long, are used for the construction of the pipeline in Albania. 1.2 m is the pipes diameter. More than 800 bends will be used in Albania. The pipes were manufactured by Salzgitter Mannesmann International, a German company.