The training was conducted for the Top Management of Shipping Company


Training for “Behavioral Based Culture” was held for the management of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC. The purpose of the training is to increase the behavioral level of employees during accidents.

It was noted, that maintaining a safe environment at work places is one of the main elements of “Behavioral Based Culture”. In this regard, seafarers must strictly comply with international requirements, since the exact following to “Behavioral Based Culture” plays an important role in preventing harm to the human body.

The trainees were provided with detailed information on the analysis of data in order to establish the causes of the accident, investigation of accidents, organization of follow-up procedures and adherence to the relevant instructions. Along with existing through the years the safety rules, the participants of the training were also explained new methods of ensuring safety.

The trainings, conducted by Titos Gianakakos in an interactive format, will last two days.
It should be reminded, that the Shipping Company is interested in raising the professional level of its employees. In this regard, it is planned to organize similar trainings in the future.