International Company is looking for a Svc Leader-Cementing


Position: Svc Leader-Cementing

Job CapsuleUnder broad direction, works with PDC and HR to hire operational staff. Establishes developmentplans for the assigned operational team and ensures they are followed. Performs applicableperformance and competency assessments, and disciplinary activities as necessary up to andincluding termination proceedings with collaboration from the PDC and Human Resources. Assistswith pre-job preparations by reviewing the cement job plan with the Technical Professional and thecement crew and addressing equipment and / or operational concerns before mobilizing tolocation. Supervises employees engaged in the delivery of cementing services and products,ensuring they follow the applicable Customer and Halliburton Health, Safety and Environmental(HSE) procedures and Halliburton Management System (HMS) procedures and the approvedcement job plan. If required, initiates the Management of Change procedure. Holds pre andpost-job safety meetings. Reviews job performance with the crew to identify opportunities toimprove. Uses extensive cementing knowledge to assist cementing team resolve equipment andjob execution problems. Engages employees in all PSL / Regional initiatives in the field.With support functions, continually evaluates the service quality of delivered services, includingreviewing applicable performance metrics such as equipment maintenance compliance andequipment readiness, and applies findings to improve HSE performance and the utilization ofequipment and personnel, reduce costs, increase service efficiency and customer satisfaction.Develops good customer relationships at the well site, providing operational expertise andsolutions and following up on job performance to ensure customer satisfaction, including resolvingjob disputes and issues to approved levels. Requires a high school diploma and 2 years ofexperience as a Service Supervisor or Service Specialist.Disclaimer:The list of job elements, responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, or conditions is not exhaustivH,Wis merely the most accurate list of the current job.Management reserves the right to revise the job description or require that other tasks be performed whenthe circumstances of the job change (for example emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, ortechnical development).Contact e-mail: [email protected]