Stork APM Consultancy Services is looking for a Senior Consultant (level B) – 3x


Position: Senior Consultant (level B) – 3x

Purpose of the job

Advise independently and support clients when developing or improving new solutions in the field of Asset Management, by which extensive professional knowledge and advisory skills are being utilized. Based on his/her expertise and thought leadership, the senior consultant is asked to advise clients at (multidisciplinary) issues in the field of Asset Management. Using and developing (improve) the AMS Asset Management concept as a clear trademark for our customers. From his network, he brings in new leads and orders.


Leads one or more client projects of a complex or innovative nature in order to make sure the projects are completed within the time, scope, and budget agreed upon with the client. Additionally evaluates customer area of improvement regarding her business driver to support the customer in increasing stakeholders value; making recommendations and finding new solutions for improvement (organizational and technological); designs concepts and PMC’s that best fit client’s needs (in close cooperation with the Capability Manager).

An advanced senior consultant has excellent consultancy skills and broad or deep knowledge of one (or more) industry sectors or practice areas, for which he is recognized by clients and other stakeholders in the business.

He/she can manage large and complex or innovative projects from winning the work through project delivery and project closing. He/she has large sales responsibilities to acquire leads for self and others.

  • Translate complex client issues into (new) solutions and PMC’s, consistent with quality demands of the client.
  • Contribute proactively to the development of new products or services or other activities to add on to the portfolio of services of Stork Asset Management Consultancy or for Stork-Masa in general. Has understanding of what goes on in the market, e.g. identifies trends and has insight in the possibilities of the current and future products and services tailored to the needs of the market
  •  Contribute to Knowledge Management and product development by proactively working on ‘bringing, securing or spreading knowledge’, and urge others to do the same.
  • Actively participate in development of the knowledge platform and competence centers.
People Skills
  • Motivate others to produce results, even if there is resistance, by assessing behaviour and opinions of others and raising own knowledge and arguments at the right time in the right way
  • Maintain lasting relationships which will generate future orders
  • Ensure a lasting solution or change in the client organization, by motivating others, in a natural and convincing way, to absorb the new situation.
  • Usually advises and operates on strategic level (as team member).
  • Communicates vision, mission and goals, explains synergy between Stork and client.
Entrepreneurship/ Accountability
  • Is able to manage a broad stream of work and able to manage a large range of people across multiple work streams or multiple projects. Focus is on managing interdependencies and interrelationships.
  • Manages a project from lead/proposal through closing. Has formal responsibility for the whole commercial management of the contract (hours, expenses, invoices, profitability etc.).
  • Acquires leads and orders for self and others to reach/exceed the sales target of € 500K.
  • Maintains an active network of professional contacts. Has fundamental knowledge of client’s business environment (including strategies, goals, trends etcetera) and how they relate to the Stork vision and portfolio of services. Anticipates with customer management and executives to discuss concerns (hazards, environment, competitors) and is able to clarify how Stork can address client’s needs and convert them into mutual benefits.
  • Works independently: Requires minimal direction or supervision. Timely keeps leadership informed of project status and raises issues of risks to appropriate level at appropriate time.
  • Can manage and motivate the team to reach the project targets. Creates an environment which encourages teamwork. Shows effective leadership behavior and acts as a leader or mentor/coach for individuals in ways that contribute to their personal growth and increased value. As an expert with broad and deep knowledge, the senior consultant can upskill others in his/her area of expertise.
  • Works closely with management team and picks-up execution role on strategic initiatives.


  • Holds a Bachelor/Master’s degree in one of the technical sciences
  • Certificate: CMRP


  • In principle a minimum of 13 years relevant working experience including demonstrable project management experience

Knowledge field experience

  • Has a reasonably broad knowledge of all aspects within Asset Management (= incl maintenance management)


  • Spanish and English language (Level: High – Intermediate)

Contact e-mail: [email protected]