İnternational Company is looking for a Group Project Manager


Position: Group Project Manager

•           Establish realistic goals and implement action plans for achieving set objectives.
•           Guide and direct project team members to ensure compliance with set standards, procedures, and guidelines.
•           Ensure availability of financial, material and human resources required to successfully complete a project.
•           Evaluate the progress of a project to detect limitations or faults in order to seek solutions to a more efficient process.
•           Monitor industry trends to identify changes in project strategies, tools, terminology and to adjust accordingly.
•           Develop internal communication strategies useful in ensuring communication between various departments of an organization.
•           Use specialized tools and techniques to delegate and ensure even distribution of tasks to project team members.
•           Oversee the recruiting and orienting of project personnel to ensure a capable workforce.
•           Prepare annual budgets, schedule expenditure, and initiate corrective action to meet financial objectives.
•           Motivate team members to meet project goals by effectively carrying out their responsibilities.
•           Proffer solutions effective in meeting set targets and satisfying client requirements.
•           Conduct feasibility studies and oversee the selection of vendors.

   •        Manage every aspect of a project, including its planning, communication, risk assessment, and resources

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