Azerbaijani servicemen attend KURTARAN-2023 drills in Türkiye


The KURTARAN-2023 exercises with the participation of Azerbaijani military personnel have kicked off in Türkiye, Report informs referring to Anadolu Agency.

The Naval Forces, Ground Forces, Air Force and Coast Guard Forces of Türkiye are taking part in the exercises.

Some 41 servicemen from 15 countries, including Azerbaijan, Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, South Korea, Poland, UAE, Algeria, Indonesia, South Africa, Qatar, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Oman joined the exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Various tasks and maneuvers are performed as part of the exercises.

Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, Admiral of the Fleet Ercument Tatlioglu and 32 military attachés from 31 countries took part in the Day of the High-Level Observer as part of the exercise.