International company is looking for a Vessel Operations Engineer


Position: Vessel Operations Engineer

Work Location: Base Office (30 km away from the city centre)

Position Schedule: 1 year (renewable)

Education: University degree in Mechanical, Naval, Structural Engineering


  • Minimum 8-10 years of international experience in Vessel Operations Engineer, Offshore Methods Engineer, Field Engineer positions within oil and gas Offshore Engineering and Construction industry;
  • Experience in Subsea Installation, in particular – jacket installation, umbilical cable lay, heavy lifts on medium-to large-scale and complex offshore projects.

Skills and Competences:

  • Capability to plan Discipline engineering activities and documentation deliverables in order to meet Project schedule milestones considering design workflows and engineering interfaces with all other Project Disciplines and functions;
  • Capability to handle subcontracted engineering work packages defining the scope of work, the milestones and documentation deliverables;
  • Capability to control the quality, the costs and the timing of the subcontracted activities ensuring the compliance with project scheduling and goals and with contract requirements;
  • Capability to define/verify the right equipment and the proper vessel assignment identified during the engineering design phase in order to ensure that the installation phase will be executed correctly;
  • Capability to lead and interpret the naval and structural analysis related to the installation of pipelines and offshore platforms;
  • Knowledge of most general principles of fabrication and installation techniques related to the Naval / Equipment / Vessel activities such as T and I and special equipment for laying activities;
  • General knowledge of marine work relevant for Naval / Equipment / Vessel studies and operations;
  • Specific knowledge of Standards, Codes and Regulations applicable to offshore structures;
  • Capability to install Platform Tow-out/Load out and design all installation Aids, in agreement and liaising with drafting department, lead method and vessel operation. Interpretation of installation engineering results relevant to the activity;
  • Capability to organize and participate to vessel risk assessment;
  • Leading capabilities and interface for all the related subjects with the vessel management personnel;
  • Capability to monitor vessel operation safety assessment activities during the design and operational stages.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;

Languages: Azerbaijani (fluent); English (fluent)


  • Provide engineering reviews, address operation, advise (directly and indirectly) best practices both in the tender and in the projects to the Project Manager to assist in the achievement of project/tender objectives, according to the plan/procedures developed by the engineering project team;
  • Execute the activities within area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements;
  • Be introduced in the Operation Engineering groups of Operating Companies (OC), reporting to the group manager, who will ultimately come up to the OC Operation manager expectations;
  • Be assigned to a project or a group of projects;
  • Support the technical tenders to follow the most efficient and cost effective solution;
  • Suggest all possible operative solutions in order to perform the actual installation in the best way;
  • Verify that the considered schedules reconcile with the present vessel productivity, in the actual situation of readiness;
  • Be the internal client of the various jobs in the projects;
  • Verify that the suggested procedures are correct and that the most efficient and cost effective solutions are followed;
  • Be able to suggest modifications and changes leading to improvements taking into account the suggestions of the vessel operations management;
  • Take part in the most critical phases on board of the installation vessel or in the preparation yard;
  • Confront himself with the vessel management for all most critical subject in order to assure a correct transfer from the engineering to the actual installation;
  • Distinguish rapidly the missing points and the optimisation of the equipment used on board and in the yards;
  • Earn the respect and appreciation from the on board personnel in order to be the reference point between engineering and operation
  • Record the main activities, the lessons learned during the development to ensure the knowledge management through a specific ICT instrument developed for the scope;
  • Promote and organise the meetings for the risk evaluation and for the revision of the procedures with the participation of the vessel personnel management;
  • Be involved on preparing the standard methods relevant to the installation of vessel.

Contact e-mail: [email protected]